About Us

In Sri Lanka, all it needs to start a cab service is a good telephone number. There is no or little regulation on price or quality of the service. So there are good cab services which nobody knows and too many of small cab services that come and go. We see that if we could provide a tool that allows users to find best priced cabs and ones who provide quality service, it would benefit the users and cab services. When users of cab services can compare the services and rate them based on their experience, we believe it would self-regulate the industry by encouraging taxi services to be more economical while providing a quality service. We also believe such improvement in cab service industry will result in more users tend to use cab services in Sri Lanka.

Best web based search tool to find taxi, cab services in Sri Lanka

Anycabs.lk is not just a website to find the best cab service in Sri Lanka, but it allows a user to search, compare and book a taxi in Sri Lanka. This is a revolutionary web based tool to find cab services in Sri Lanka

There are more than hundreds of companies when it comes to cab services in Sri Lanka, especially in Colombo.. Our search tool is the one and only online tool which you can be used to find a better cab/ taxi service. The best of all is that you can compare all services and find the cheapest or the best cab or taxi.

While many taxi services in Sri Lanka offers a good service to the customers they are not standardized in terms of the price and the quality With Anycabs.lk the prices can be compared and the quality can also be compared since we allow the actual users comments on particular service a Taxi company offer.

Our baseline is to provide a secure, reliable and affordable transportation for our users and we have not added all the Cab Services in Sri Lanka. We carefully evaluate a cab service before adding to our system. In this way we can recommend a secure journey to the users

Simplicity is the main theme behind our search tool and our home page is a classic example for it. The search tool is so simple and user friendly so that people love using it.

Our app will help to search cab services

Today internet is available mostly in palm held devices and smart phones has invaded the most of the users segments. Also Smart phones are simple, user friendly and is a companion for human beings. As such we have developed the same Anycabs.lk tool as a smart phone application which is now available both in Google Play ™ and Apple App store ™. Once a user install the App they can search, compare and book a reliable taxi service in Sri Lanka from their fingertips

Your reviews are the payback we get for this effort and it will help us serve you better. So please do not hesitate to write a review if the tool has helped you