23 Mar

5 Things to know when you are booking a Taxi service in Colombo

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  1. There are many Taxi services in Colombo. Most of them offer a decent service to its customer. Most of them offer cars for the taxi services. Please inquire the taxi service about the driver and his proficiency in English.
  2. Nano Taxies are very popular in Sri Lanka but they have very limited space. Hence If you are coming from the Airport please mention the Taxi service about the Size of the luggage you have so they will send a vehicle appropriately
  3. most of the taxi services accept in Local currencies so if you are coming from the airport it will be advisable to keep about Rs 5000 from Local currencies. Most of the Taxi services do not accept Credit cards in the Car
  4. plan well ahead of time: There can be un predicted traffic jams so it would be good to plan well ahead of time if you are going to the airport to catch a flight
  5. Always use highways if available and please read the reviews of the cab services before booking aone


2 thoughts on “5 Things to know when you are booking a Taxi service in Colombo

  1. Alfred!
    I am planning a trip to Colombo next year and was looking for a reliable taxi service. I am very thankful for the tips you have given me.

  2. When I booked the cab service for Colombo I used one App; They had world-class taxi services.I wish I would have gone through that app but nothing to worry.

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