16 Jan

2 ways to add more fruits and vegetables to your plate.


love fruits and vegetables

love fruits and vegetables

There is no doubt that fruits and vegetables are the best thins we can eat because as human we have been eating fruits and vegetables for thousands years. If it wasn’t something healthy we wouldn’t have been surviving this far. As a species we have just started eat other processed foods and long tem effects of those new foods such as bread, cakes and other chemicals we directly put into our foods are not yet well known.  It is only few hundreds years ago we started eating these foods. we are getting better understanding how these foods affect and we have a long way to go.

Even though fruits and vegetables are healthy adding more of fruits and vegetables to our plate is not very healthy for our wallets. So we tend to add food with more  simple carbohydrates in them such as breads, and other bakery items because we get large quantities for smaller prices.

How do we find fruits and vegetables that are good for the health and wallet?

Most fruits and vegetables prices are varying in daily basis, this is due the variation of the production (supply )  to the demand from the market. For example, in some times price of lime goes up about 4 to 5 folds , this is mainly due the reduced production of lime during the period.  As a customer you can find out current fruits and vegetable prices in the market and decide which fruits are cheapest at that time of the week. with this you can try many more fruits and vegetables only when the prices have come down.

How to find price variations.

You can check the prices on online supermarkets such as snapcart who are listing daily fruits and vegetable prices  , They even have ranked the vegetables which has relatively lowest prices.  Not all vegetables are equality prices. A vegetables like kankun are relatively cheap when compared with vegetables like parsley.  But snapcart has ranked those fruits and vegetables based on their prices variation. The best time to eat vegetables are when are cheap which will be healthy for you body and wallet.  You can buy the vegetables from supermarket or pola because prices are varied in all the places in the same manner.

How to find deals and promotions

The other way is to find deals for vegetables, this will be applicable only if you are buying fruits and vegetables from supermarkets.  You can find keels supermarkets at https://www.keellssuper.com/  home page and arpico deals at http://arpicosupercentre.com/  .  You can find any deals of laugfs supermarket at http://snapcart.lk . There is a no good place to find prices of cargills foodcity so far.

Wish you healthy life with more fruits and vegetables.

03 Jun

Safety tips on using cab services in Sri Lanka

taxi safety tips Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka taxi safety tips

The use cab service is one of the easiest means of traveling from one location to another.  It can be the cheaper option if a group of people is traveling together. It also provides the added convenience of taken you right to your destination. The cab services offer a quick and safe service.

Some cab drivers are a great tool source of information about current happenings, quality restaurants, local tourist and more. Some of them are even experts in discovering safe and unsafe neighborhoods. The drivers can be of importance if you are new to the environment.

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