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 Best ways to get to the Colombo Airport

Katunayaka Airport

Katunayaka International Airport

It is always good to know how to get  to the main airport in any country . In Sri Lanka there are two airports , one located in Katunayaka which is about 30km from the commercial capital Colombo and the other one is in the southern corner of Mattala. The latter is a newly established so does not operate many airlines

the best way to get to the airport from colombo is via the Highway which is 24km of length and it will take approximately 20 minutes to reach to airport. But mind you in order to get to the highway entrance from the Colombo it might take more than 30 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.

Traffic on Colombo to Katunayaka

Traffic to Airport

Following are some of the useful info on routes to Colombo Air port

  • In the Colombo City and the suburbs many taxi services offer Airport drop offs and pickups. They usually cost between Rs 1750-2200. This is all depending on the vehicle type , conditions etc..
  • From other Major Cities like Kandy , Galle , Matara , taxi rates can vary. In Sri Lanka assuming a per km rate between Rs 80-100 would be safe and you can estimate the cost based on the distance.
  • Time duration for the airport varies heavily on the Local traffic conditions and normally between 7.00 am to 7.30 am , 1.00 pm to 1.30 pm and from 4.30pm to 7.00 pm are time durations where one can expect heavy traffic

Following list the best routes to Colombo air port via taxi from popular destinations

  1. from Colombo City : Taxi from the colombo city and the suburbs. Always take the highway
  2. from South ( Galle, Matara etc..) : take the highway and exit from the Kaduwela exchange. Go to Kelaniya and take the Colombo Katunayaka Highway. Please note that you have to pay toll fee for both the highways. Most of the Taxi servvices pay this and add it up to your total. An expressway Link will be coming between the two highways so that you do not need to exit it. The commencement will be in 2016.
  3. From Kandy : Northen and Central Highways are under construction and you have to take the normal route to Katunayaka. The time will be Approximately 5 Hrs

Travel Tips: Most of the Taxi Companies in Sri Lanka and in major Cities can be contracted via their mobile phones and 90% of them speak good English. You can ask them in advace about the time taken and the fares before booking. Available taxi services can be found by sites such as http://anycabs.lk

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