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Safety tips on using cab services in Sri Lanka

taxi safety tips Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka taxi safety tips

The use cab service is one of the easiest means of traveling from one location to another.  It can be the cheaper option if a group of people is traveling together. It also provides the added convenience of taken you right to your destination. The cab services offer a quick and safe service.

Some cab drivers are a great tool source of information about current happenings, quality restaurants, local tourist and more. Some of them are even experts in discovering safe and unsafe neighborhoods. The drivers can be of importance if you are new to the environment.

Though cab operation does not pose any threat usually, but sometimes it may not be your day, you might run into trouble. Therefore, it is crucial to think of personal safety measures and be conscious of what happens around us when taking a cab. So, check out some helpful tips I know can be useful when choosing a cab service just to be on the safe side.


Make calls and order a cab service:

Making calls and book for a cab is one of the ways to ensure a safe trip, most especially at night. It may not be safe the hail a taxi at the night especially if you are a woman alone.  Look to identify which of the companies offers the best and a secure service. It’s better to pre-order your service so that you can notify the company about the time, date and a place to pick up. When you preorder it gives you an opportunity to take a cab service from a company of your choice and there is a record that you order the cab from them. Most cab services will send you an SMS verifying your reservation which can be used as a record that you booked the taxi.


As the company monitors the booking, unpleasant issues can be quickly reported. Your reservation records with the company, which helps the cab firm to keep track of bookings, drivers and also helps in tracking belongings that are forgotten in the vehicles. Hence, it’s advisable you call and book a service.


Provider’s reputation

The next tip to be considered is the company’s reputation. It is necessary you find out the level of reputations the provider has gained among previous customers. You can find out how the kind of reputation the provider enjoys through their customers feedback and ratings on their website or award if any. A good and reliable cab service provider will definitely have a website.


Reliability of the cab service provider is important for individuals planning to go on a trip alone, in an unfamiliar locality or late in the night. Whenever you are talking to the provider’s representative, find out, to know if all the drivers working for it have gone through driving check before employment.

Few of the reputed cab services operating in Colombo who are known to do through background checking of the drivers and maintaining quality vehicles are

  •  Kangaroo cabs (+94 112 588588)
  • Kango cabs (+94 112 577577)
  • Ace cabs (+94 11 2 818 818)
  • Radiant cabs (+94 112 566 566)
  • Sonit budget taxi  (+94 112 816816)
  • Budget taxi (+94 117 299299)

Tips for taking a cab on the street:


The following safety tips will helps, when taking a cab on the street.


  1. Try to pick a cab from a famous and reliable company. A trusted company has the will always have professionals as drivers and is the safest assurance to get to your destination.


  1. Ensure you examine the driver. If you feel unsafe, never pick that cab. You can always make another choice.


  1. Once you get into the cab, be clear that the driver agrees to take you to your destination.


  1. All the doors should be locked properly before the journey starts. Put on your seat belts ALWAYS for your safety.


  1. Give attention to wherever the driver is taking you. It’s your choice to decide the way to your destination.


  1. If there is any suspicious move by the driver, making noise is a good option. The noise can help to draw the attention and alerts the nearby people. If the driver changes course of direction without your notice – roll down the windows immediately and shout to call attention. There are possibilities that people will hear and come to your rescue. You can also dial police emergency number such as 119 or 011-5717171


  1. If the cab breaks down, ask or call for a replacement vehicle or make new a plan for another cab. It is better to be patient and wait for another cab.


  1. Never forget to check for your belongings. Though, a good company will protect and return your belongings to you.

Final advice

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