Cab services in Colombo

Colombo District is the main Political and financial district in Sri Lanka. Colombo city is the commercial capital in Sri Lanka.
There are many tourist attractions in Colombo such as Gall face, National museum of Colombo, Kelaniya Rajamaha Viharaya, National Zoo, Gangarama Buddhist temple and Colombo Dutch museum.  In Colombo city public transportation is mainly consists of Buses and Trains.  Buses are trains are moderately good conditions, but can be congested during office hours at the morning and afternoon.
Cab services in Colombo charge you based on number of Km s you traveled and not by the time, so high traffic in roads only cost you time but not money.  But this is different in meter three wheelers where they charged for the waiting time in their meters.
Even within the Colombo district, cab services are willing to stay close to where their vehicles are usually located. This is mainly due to high traffic on the road in Colombo city area. None of the cab services are opening in whole area of the Colombo district.  There wheelers are abundant in the Colombo city and most of them are equipped with meters. There are so many cab services in the Colombo, but we have listed the most reliable taxi services bellow.

List of cab services in Colombo