Cab services in kandy

Kandy district is one of the main district of Sri Lanka location in central province of Sri Lanka. Kandy city is the largest city in Sri Lanka after Colombo city. Kandy is the last capital of Sri Lankan kingdom and as results there are lots of important historical places to visit.

One of the most important place in Kandy is the Temple of the Tooth, which hosts sacred tooth relic of load Buddha. The Kandy perahara is very famous among foreigners and locals as magnificent religion festivals in Sri Lanka involving traditional dancing, drum beats and other cultural events.  Other beautiful places available in Kandy are Knuckles range, Hanthana and Hunnasgiriya mountain.

In case you need to use public transport, you can reach kandy from Colombo by Bus or Train.  Kandy city usually has more traffic during office and school hours.  As our effort to maintain reputed cab services in to allow our users to search for cabs, we have already collected following list of taxi services after extensive background checking.

List of cab services in kandy